02 May 2010 23:13 | ubuntu wikidot

And so far, I like what I see!

The most obvious thing that stands out to me is that everything just works! I have a Netgear WG111v3 wireless adapter that I use to connect to my wireless network at home. Every time I re-install Windows I need to download drivers for it before it can be used… but Ubuntu surprised me… as soon as I finished installing it, it automatically detected the wireless network and connected! :)

The main reason for installing Ubuntu was to test out the open source version of Wikidot, and it will never replace my laptop's Windows 7 installation, but I can see myself using this for more than just Wikidot. It's so cool :P

The hardest thing will be to stop looking on the right-hand side of the window for the close/minimise/maximise options. They're on the left in Ubuntu.

I'll get back to messing around with Ubuntu now… and will upload a screenshot to this page in a second. Even the "Print Screen" button works O.o


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