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Have you ever wanted to add an analog clock to your Wikidot site? I've just created a module that does exactly that!

First off, I'll show you the analog clock itself… I entered a few settings here, then made it into a CSI module for you. Thanks also goes to James Kanjo for this Iframe Embed page, which I couldn't have done this without!

This is the official documentation for this module. A direct copy of the documentation can be found on the Userspace Modules site.

The Clock

CSI packages site | Development blog | Edit documentation

  1. Copy and paste the code into one of your pages
  2. Then enter the values you want using the attribute table
  3. Save your page — it's that easy! :)

[[include :csi:include:analog-clock

You can use all of these attributes, or you can delete some of them and the default values will be used instead. If you want, you could just type [[include :csi:include:analog-clock]] and it would work!


After changing some of these settings, clear your cache (Ctrl+Shift+Del), then refresh the page (Ctrl+R) to see the changes.

Attribute Required Description Examples Default
color No A hex value for the clock's colour. color=595858
timezone No The timezone that the clock should use.
See below for a list of all supported timezones.
width No Width (x100) of the clockface. Whole numbers only. width=2 for 200px
width=3 for 300px
height No Height (x100) of the clockface. Whole numbers only. height=2 for 200px
height=3 for 300px
title No The text that appears beneath the clockface title=South Australia
No title

Timezone selector

There are 498 possible time-zones. I suggest that you use the search function of your browser (activated by pressing Ctrl+F) to find the country and city that you live in.

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02 Jan 2017 02:15

This was not working. Have just updated the CSI so that it's compatible with the current version of the clock. Feel free to use it on your site.

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22 Aug 2019 12:25

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