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Time and time again I see Victorian number plates on cars here. Sure, they're allowed to visit - it's the slogan that the Victorian government has come up with that makes me wonder what they're doing here.


For non-Aussies: South Australia and Victoria are two neighbouring states in Australia. The capital of SA is Adelaide, and the capital of VIC is Melbourne.

South Australian number plates might say "The city of churches", and Queensland plates generally read "The sunshine state". Victorian plates follow a slightly different line of thought and go for "The place to be."

So, my question to all Victorians, is what you are doing in SA if Victoria is the place to be? Surely your time would be better spent over there? ;)

Adding to the state rivalry is this advertisement for West End Draught beer, which has drawn some controversy.

Now, if only Port Adelaide would get off their asses and win themselves another premiership… then I'd really be proud to be South Australian.

Edit: For the record, this post is intended mostly as a joke,
and not as an attack against Victorians or any other group of people.

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