03 Apr 2011 23:36 | wikidot

Wikidot community administrator RobElliottRobElliott has discovered an undocumented feature that you can use while embedding images into your wikidot page!

The title attribute for [[image ...]], which I'm about to add to the documentation, allows you to specify extra information about an image, which is then displayed by the browser as mouse-over text.

Accompanying HTML for this is as follows:

<img src="happy.gif" alt="Happy face" title="Happy face" />

Here's the Wikidot equivalent:
[[image happy.gif alt="Happy face" title="Happy face"]]

And, in action! Hold your mouse over the image for a second or two until you see the mouse-over text.
Guinea pig wearing a santa hat, with mouse-over text set using the title attribute

Image source: Google image search, resulting in an image from

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