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Hey everyone, just a quick reminder to check any links leading to Wikidot account settings on all of your sites.

Since the UI upgrades to the "My Account" page, several old links have been broken.

Here's a map from old to new links, for your convenience:
(please let me know if I've forgotten any of the important ones!)

Link for: Send PM

  • Old URL:
  • New URL:

Link for: Account summary

  • Old URL:
  • New URL:

Link for: Private messages

  • Old URL:
  • New URL:

Link for: Contacts

  • Old URL:
  • New URL:

Link for: Notifications

  • Old URL:
  • New URL: then click on "Notifications" link

Link for: Watching

  • Old URL:
  • New URL:

Some of the pages you probably have these links on are profile:_template, any page on your site that acts as a "user control panel" like this one, and main:posts/thread:_template if you use a commment-less, page-based forum.

Image: Taken from the official blog

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